An Autumn Update

Displaying This morning was one of those mornings that have me questioning the farming life. It was about 20 degrees when I headed out for the chores. Fortunately, I am prepared for such mornings with lots of warm clothes from long underwear to boots to hat and gloves. And the animals seemed no worse for wear, especially the turkeys who spent the night outside, roosting in their usual spots on the wash line and overhead power line.

We worked until dark last night, digging up the last of the sweet potatoes. We had a bumper crop so if you’re in the market for potatoes, come on by. I’ve been baking pies and did a delicious batch of sweet potato donuts using my new donut pans. For Thanksgiving, I’m making Sweet Potato Tarte Tatin.

Last weekend, we weaned the baby pigs by transferring them to the pen with chain link for better security and moving the mamas to the wider open pen with electric fencing. It’s pretty amazing that three strands of wire can keep them in. There was a little weeping and gnashing of teeth but nothing that some greens and scoops of food couldn’t fix. The babies merged quickly and they can still see mama so everyone seems happy.

What a nice day!Well, except for Biscuit, our boar, who is now alone in his pen. He was with the last sow, Hamp, who does not appear to have gotten pregnant. We went ahead and moved her in with the other two females. Biscuit figured out how to look out through the window of the building where he stays. Very cute but we strung a piece of wire just in case. The plan is to get him out into the field, but we need to build a shelter.

The babies seem to love their new pen. I sat out with them for awhile and enjoyed listening to them rooting in the dried leaves. For those of you who need a cute pig fix, here’s the video:

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