Another Year at the Farm

The family is on the way to celebrate Christmas at the farm so I can only take a quick break to wish everyone a peaceful holiday and a magical new year! If you want to know what we’ve been up to, browse the blog…we’ve settled into country life, learning how to live on a farm and in an old house.

A few highlights:

We lost Tina Turner late last year and miss her very much. Spot and Major are thriving. The three of us welcome each sunrise together as we head out for the morning walk.

Bob continues to work hard to develop the farm. We’ve put about 12 acres into pasture, anticipating some cows next year. The growing season was bountiful, and even now, we are enjoying broccoli, kale and collards. The chicken flock is up to 35 girls, and we added four pigs last week, creating a pen from one of the outbuildings.

I continue to work as Executive Director of the Virginia Society for Technology in Education. I am also teaching, mostly online. My goal is to work online as much as possible, something that provides me with the best of both worlds: working in a field I love from a place that I love.

We haven’t done much work on the house. Some gas logs in a couple rooms provide enough heat and Bob redid a few windows upstairs. A handy friend loaned a few days to work on the cottage and with a couple more days, it will be ready to rent. We’re hoping to find a tenant who is interested in helping with the farming.

We both work from home so usually one of us is here. Feel free to just drop by. We can’t promise it will be dust free but we would love to see you despite that. You can also keep up with us at

Here’s a slideshow from the year:

And a little holiday fun!

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  1. Avatar Bonnie Simpson
    Bonnie Simpson says:

    Hi Karen and Bob,

    It made me very happy to see your gorgeous photos and read your account of the past year. My gosh we’ve missed you! It looks like all is well with you all and the farm. I am looking forward to a winter’s day very soon when I can sit down and spend a quiet afternoon catching you up on life in Wake. Believe me, nothing so ambitious as what you guys are doing.
    But it’s busy times around here now, so I will just say it was wonderful to hear from you and we wish for both of you and your families all the blessings of Christmas.

    Much love,