Bee Journal

Beekeepers keep journals. Being the geek I am, it seems easiest to do this online. So, this post is more for me than for you, dear reader. But, if you’re interested in what is involved in beekeeping, you can read on to learn more.

We split the hives on Wednesday the 22nd. Today, I wanted to add a box of frames to the queenless hive, staple hardware cloth over the hole in the inner cover, fill the feeders, and see if I could find any evidence of a queen cell. The hardware cloth is to keep the bees out of the medium box that I am using to hold the feeder. We made do with duct tape but the bees could still squiggle past. I certainly didn’t want them to start building comb in that empty box again!

I accomplished my tasks without getting stung although I don’t think I saw any queen cells. I’m heading back in a couple days to check again. I also didn’t check the second hive but just added the hardware cloth and filled their feeder. I should have spent more time but I was having trouble with my smoker. I’ve switched to pine straw but just couldn’t keep it smoking. I’ve heard from other beekeepers that this is a difficult skill to master. I’m going to practice between now and Wednesday.

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