Fresh Eggs

ForkThe hens have finally started laying! What a wonder to have fresh eggs after nearly a year. I scrambled some with herbs and parmesan cheese and will be baking later today.

There were a few errant eggs in the mud outside but we used them as encouragement to use the nesting boxes. They have embraced them and we’ve harvested an even dozen in the last 3 days. It’s fun to have the multi colors. Even the brown eggs have a range of color from a light, almost purple to a deep rich mocha.Eggs

We think we may have at least one rooster. One of the white chickens has really filled out: fancy red comb and wattle along with impressive sweeping feathers. Just looks like the king of the hen yard but there’s been no crowing yet. One of the red “girls” may also be a boy. Time will tell.

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