IMG_0725I am writing this entry from the pig pen. And, I will be attending today’s board meeting from the same place. I declared this a “family emergency” and want to spend every minute with our first set of piglets. Ten adorable babies were born yesterday to Macintosh, our full blooded Tamworth sow. We knew she was pregnant but weren’t sure when the babies would arrive. She seemed perfectly fine yesterday morning, hanging out with the others to get fed. But late morning, she made a bit of a nest for herself and in about four hours, we had ten piglets! They came out easily and were up and moving almost immediately, heading for food!

Friends arrived and we hung out watching the whole process, taking turns getting coffee or walking the dogs. I stayed until after dark, once everyone seemed to have settled in for the night.

I am blessed by a great board chair who was willing to let me phone in my attendance today. I probably could have left them alone, but mother pigs have been known to accidentally smother their babies in the first few days. Macintosh seems to be very careful as she moves around, making gentle sounds and lowering herself in the nest first before rolling over. She has been in and out of the nest this morning. She ate a hearty breakfast and has been drinking lots of water. We fed her dog biscuits and water yesterday but she wasn’t all that interested. Right now, my back is to the pen but it is completely quiet.  AAH…Happy Mama

Bob headed to the farmer’s market with the last of the summer watermelons and baskets of greens. I feel a little guilty for the dogs…they haven’t gotten their morning walk today. Relief is coming at some point and I’ll give them a little attention. We strung up an extension cord down here and I’m thinking I could bring the Keurig down, too.

So, that’s the big news here…we believe Tam, another sow, is also pregnant. We have a farrowing shed almost ready to go so that will be the afternoon project. Babies never come when they are supposed to, do they?

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