Spring 2016 Update

The azaleas are blooming so we put out the hummingbird feeders yesterday. Saw the first bird today. No photos yet.

PeasBob has been busy in the sun porch and garden. He has lots of tomato, pepper, and eggplant seedlings just waiting for danger of frost to pass. But he also has lots of stuff in the ground: beautiful lettuces, peas just up and getting ready to climb, beets. They should survive a bit of frost. We’ve had fresh asparagus and plenty of lettuce from the sun porch. 

I checked on the bees in March and was pleased to find healthy hives that had pretty decent stores of honey as well as evidence of newly laid babies. May have even seen the queen. The bees in the hive on the left were particularly active; that hive has a deep and a medium box so is smaller and generally more active. I wanted to see if I could avoid a swarm so added a queen excluder and honey super. Not sure I did, but they seemed to settle down. I also put the honey super on the other hive. I am hoping that, since they had strong store left, they’ll start making honey for me.

LadyWe’ve made our two male royal palm turkeys quite happy by bringing a hen on board. For now, she’s hanging out in her own pen while they pay court. Give her a chance to get acclimated. She has acquired three ladies in waiting, bantam hens who lost their rooster and are joining the main flock.

The males are doing all manner of displaying, dancing, and generally showing off. I haven’t gotten video of the dance they were doing in unison last night but here’s a bit of the display:

Look at Me!


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