It has been an easy winter so far: today promises sun and 60 degrees!  The sun room was 82 degrees this morning and when we opened the door, the whole house was flooded with warmth!

We are starting to make the transition to spring already even though the actual first day is still almost two months away.  I finally put away Christmas decorations although I left the snowmen out as a reminder that it does snow somewhere in the world.  The cucumber and tomato plants on the sun porch are mostly done and we’re reorganizing to make room for the spring seedlings.  There are still cabbages for salad and soup, and Bob put his kale seedlings in the big garden outside where they will grow quickly.  There are small broccolis to harvest for salad, too.

Some local folks are coming by tomorrow to check out the greenhouse kit that Bob bought last fall.  We don’t plan to heat it but it helps get a start on the early crops like peas, radishes and other greens.  It is nice to have others who share are interest and can help out with some of the heavy lifting.

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  1. Avatar Nancy Marshall
    Nancy Marshall says:

    Well, of course it snows somewhere in the world . . . especially in Maine, where today we were supposed to get a dusting and got 6-8 inches!

    Wish we could buy produce from your farm, but we do frequent all the farmer’s markets in and around Portland so we are definitely “buy local” people.


    The Marshalls